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Topher Chambers, 2014, by Lisa Hobbs

Topher Chambers'

The Comic

A young child lays her hands on the Black Book, a cursed ancient book rumored to kill those who read its pages and feed upon the reader's souls. It is said to give the reader what they deserve.

What if someone crossed a Lovecraftian horror with a cursed object that is moved from one person to another by a supernatural entity that is only known as the Bookseller? Set as an anthology, where you get to read along in the book with our young Kiara as she looks to escape her life through reading a book that is ready to give her an escape. 

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The cursed book seen in the feature anthology film The Black Book from Rutledge Productions. Short stories from four different authors come together. Included is the Odd Old Book from Topher Chambers, Man in the Mirror by Joe Herbert, Giving up the Ghost by Stuart Wahlin, and A Romantic Disease by Angelica R. Hill plus many more.

The Black Book - Movie

Based on the anthology novel and based on the mythology created by Topher Chambers.

A pompous collector finds the one piece to die for.  An anthology bringing four Directors together, with different writers all telling tales from the Black Book.

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2019 – The Tube (feature)
2019 – Search for Justice (Short)
 2016 – Richard Watson Files (Short) 
 2015 – Flicker (Short) 
 2014 – Rough Cut (Short) 
 2013 – Work Days: The Delivery (Short) 

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