A new feature anthology from the mind of Topher Chambers, produced by Rutledge productions with the opening filmed in Tampa Florida. The film stars Joel D. Wynkoop, Catherine Wynkoop, Mark A. Nash, Steven Durgarn and several others.

Story synopsis: A tourist couple lands in Florida to enjoy a vacation in the summer sun, however, it starts going bad after they reach the hotel room and the husband decides to watch TV instead of getting ready to go out on the town with his wife.

Several short films are included in the film, including; Richard Watson Files (Directed by Topher Chambers), Old Dog Never Die (Written/Directed by Jim Dougherty), Flicker (Written/Directed by Topher Chambers), and Rough Cut (Written/Directed by Topher Chambers).

The film will be available by July on DVD and will be show at a few conventions/film festivals once it is released. Check out Rutledgeproductions.com for purchasing information.