A Lovecraftian Horror Anthology

Forbidden Shadows Cover

The Forbidden Shadows

Do you dare step into the forbidden shadows? You are invited to peer into the darkest corners of existence with this gripping anthology of Lovecraftian horror, “The Forbidden Shadows”.
This collection boasts 15 original tales, each meticulously woven into the intricate fabric of H.P. Lovecraft’s chilling Cthulhu Mythos. Adding new stories to the already dark, psychedelic vision of the original master.
In “The Forbidden Shadows”, prepare to traverse uncharted territories of madness and despair. From spectral townships hanging on the precipice of reality, to ancient, unknowable gods lurking beneath the sea; from arcane scholars succumbing to the pull of the forbidden, to unspeakable entities seeping through the walls of time and space.
The anthology is a testament to the far-reaching influence of Lovecraft. A hauntingly beautiful blend of psychological horror and cosmic terror. The tales in “The Forbidden Shadows” are bound to terrify, to mesmerize, and to linger in the mind long after the last page has been turned.
But be forewarned, dear reader: These are not stories for the faint of heart. Once you’ve stepped into the shadows, you may never truly leave.

The Dread Veils

The eagerly anticipated second volume of our spine-chilling horror anthology series, The Shrouded Realms. Prepare to be consumed by the unfathomable terrors that lie beyond the veil of reality. Delve into a collection of ten gripping tales that will grip your imagination and haunt your dreams, taking you on a harrowing journey through the depths of cosmic horror.

Within the pages of Dread Veils, Chambers delivers a sensory feast of eldritch tales. Witness the slow unraveling of sanity as ancient evils awaken, stalking their prey with insidious intent. Traverse the crumbling corridors of forgotten realms, where forbidden knowledge lurks within dusty tomes, waiting to ensnare curious souls. Each story offers a unique glimpse into the abyss, luring you deeper into a realm where the familiar becomes the grotesque and the unknown becomes all-consuming.

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Lurkers in the Mist

Lurkers in the Mist

In this chilling third installment of “The Shrouded Realms” anthology series, readers are once again invited into the labyrinthine depths of Lovecraftian horror. “Lurkers in the Mist” offers a rich tapestry of twelve meticulously woven tales that delve into the abyss of cosmic horror and the human psyche.

Venture into the heart of the unknown, where sinister creatures from beyond the boundaries of reality dwell in shadowy corners of our world. Each story invites you on a different journey; through time-warped small towns obscured in endless mist, down long-forgotten paths of forbidden knowledge, and into the minds of individuals who dare to look where mortals should not.

The Abyssal Echoes

In the haunting fourth installment of “The Shrouded Realms” anthology, we once again navigate the nightmarish landscapes that straddle the thin boundary between the real and the unfathomable. “The Abyssal Echoes” is an unsettling collection of twelve new tales, each exploring the echoing depths of cosmic horror and the dread-inducing sublime that characterize the Lovecraftian tradition.

Each story of “The Abyssal Echoes” opens a door to worlds lurking beneath the surface of our reality, worlds replete with ancient, nameless entities and otherworldly truths too terrifying for the human mind to comprehend. From the silent void of deep space to the deepest trenches of the ocean, no corner of the universe is safe from the reach of the eldritch and the bizarre.

The Abyssal Echoes

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